BM2017: Friday AM results

Today’s weather forecast was for no rain, but perhaps a little too much wind. The predicted wind was less for the morning, so we were cautiously optimistic as we head out to the track. As we drove there, we saw quite a bit of fog.


Setting up timing as the sun rises.


The first started off with a bang, with Aniek going 74.2 mph but with illegal wind. She is the fastest woman by far but she doesn’t have the fastest legal run.  Ken also upped his speed to 66.3 mph, but with illegal wind.

Shinsuke got his first run down the five mile and went 76.8, but with too much wind as well.


Winds started to settle in Heat 3, just in time for Calvin to set the fast time of the week at 79.3 mph, wind legal.


Just in case you want to tell who is riding Eta Prime, the above picture is Calvin’s shell, whereas the one below is Alan’s.


Andrea also upped his speed to 76 mph, but was now in second place in the men’s division.


Other notes:

  • Barbara has continued to have problems at launch with both of her bikes. As today was the last qualification opportunity, she will have to stick with the camera bike for the rest of the week.
  • Isaac Chung got a 55 mph hat in Bluenose, but crashed again after timing (his third such crash) and the vision system was damaged so it is not clear if it can be fixed in time for tonight or tomorrow.
  • Neither of the Mexican HPV’s have made it all the way down the track.

The outlook for tonight is a little windier. Tomorrow should have little wind, but it will be very cold.

Full results:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 1.47.58 PM

and here is the start order for tonight.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 1.48.24 PM

BM 2017: Thursday PM

Between heats, work on the bikes never stops. Here the Toronto team works on Bluenose which was crashed again a couple of times today. Someone commented that it must be the most crashed vehicle at WHPSC (actually they have no idea how many times it has flopped over) but I would argue that they should look at the number of crashes per rider as a better metric.


Back at the Super 8, I catch Adam and his crew converting Dos to the Tres from a bike back to a trike.


The weather forecast for tonight was not very good, with some chance of rain, as well as high winds. A front is moving in as the temperatures for Friday and Saturday will drop considerably.  Nevertheless we headed out the track and set up, just in case we could run.  Unfortunately around 6 PM it was raining at start, and the approaching sky didn’t look so great at timing either, despite the winds being lighter than expected.


Long story short, the running was called off, we packed up timing in record time, and just as we got finished, rain pelted down,

Only two days of running left, with the wind forecast for tomorrow looking not so good.


BM 2017: Thursday AM results

Today’s weather forecast was not too promising, but as we have learned from experience, it is always worth it to head out to the course just in case. As it turns out we had a full morning of six heats, 3 on the 5 mile course, with wind varying between legal and non legal. First up was three heats of 5 mile runs.

Here is Dave Larrington running sweep the wrong way through the traps.


First heat had Aniek, Yasmin and Charles all running a bit slower than before, with no legal wind.. Here is my first decent picture of MQ1.


Strong winds continued in the second heat, so Calvin took it easy at 73.22 mph. One of the highlights of the morning was seeing Barbara finally make it down the 5 mile course in the camera bike.


In the third and final 5 mile heat, both Iris and Ellen got wind legal runs of 68.31 and 68.01 respectively.


Ellen’s is the fastest bike with a windshield this week.


In qualifying, Adam got a good run in on his trike turned bike, with the top off for the moment.


Natasha on the first of her two runs, this one on the Oregon


Isaac finally qualified for the five mile run, going 48.57 just over the 45 mph threshold. He pushed up on the hatch a little too hard during start, aud it was a bit ajar during his run.


Mike Mowett in the NoRush.


Shinsuke Kouzai finally made it down the course, and picked up a 65 mph hat on the way. I am sorry that I did not get a picture in the traps, but Al sent me this picture of the long skid at catch.


John Jackstone. He picked up almost 1.5 mph by leaving off his fairing.


Natasha on the Velociraptor, setting a new women’s record for the WRRA at 34.62 mph.


Here are the full results.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.29.13 PM

This is what the sending looks like. If Barbara can bump her speed just a bit, then the top five slots will be women. During the picks for start order, people were gaming things a bit according to what they believed the weather is going to be like. Thus first thing tomorrow morning was more popular than the third heat tonight

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 3.41.17 PM

Here is the start order for tonight and tomorrow AM. Note that the forecast says there will be high wind tonight, and less wind but low temperatures tomorrow morning.


Barbara will try to qualify again in Tempest, and the Mexican team has one last shot at getting their two bikes and three riders down the course. We do not run 2.5 mile heats on Saturday.


BM2017: Wednesday

It was a busy morning. Following the pattern set yesterday, we ran three heats of 2.5 miles, followed by three heats of the five mile course.

First run: Bill Kong goes through the traps at 61.63 mph, but with the wind just a hair above legal.


Isaac gets ready to start in the second heat.



Unfortunately, he had to scratch because something was rubbing on the rear wheel.

John gets ready for his second run down 305. He went 30 mph.


Team Japan also scratched due to a technical issue. They have not completed a single run yet.


Just after they scratched, I tried once again to ride a two wheeler down 305. The less said about my three failed launches, the better, although if you want to see more, go here.

There were some issues at timing during the first 5 mile heat, and unfortunately no times were recorded for Anieke and Calvin.  There were some issues with bikes almost overtaking others. Yasmin went very slow because she couldn’t get out of first gear and stopped pedaling after 1 mile, and she was caught in the traps by Anieke. Calvin almost passed Helen, who had a drivetrain problem.

Anieke had GPS data showing she went over 70 mph, good for a hat.


Calvin may have gone close to 80… but we have no data on this.  Later the same morning, Alan Petit went 67.63 mph in Eta Prime, earning a 10 mph upgrade of his hat from last year.

During lunch and the afternoon, all teams retreated to the Civic Centre or their hotels to work on their bikes.


Adam Ince.  Wait a minute, isn’t his trike now missing a wheel?

In the first evening heat, Bill Kong went 68.94 mph with legal, but went off the course between timing and the bridge. Then Iris got her first wind legal run, earning a 65 mph hat.

During the final heat, Andrea went 75.93 mph, now the fastest legal run this week. This was followed by Anieke in Velox 7 went 72.15 mph, but the wind was not legal.


Here are the final results for the evening. Morning results are here.

Screenshot 2017-09-13 23.27.51

Danny Guthrie shooting another of his sky mosaics just as we start to pack up timing at the end of the day.


Some good runs today. Winds were a mixed bag. The week is half over, and neither of the Mexican bikes, or the Japanese bike have gone down the course. They’ll be trying again tomorrow morning.  Liverpool is suffering with drivetrain gremlins. Despite this Yasmin has been logged some pretty good speeds. Barbara has not been able to get her camera bike down the course, and they took the drastic step of rewelding the front subframe to alter the steering geometry.

Fingers crossed for better weather and low wind.

BM2017: Wednesday AM results

Just a placeholder with the raw results. Commentary to be added this afternoon.

Screenshot 2017-09-13 12.30.50


Just an image dump from today’s show and shine, along with a few more pictures from the past day or two.

John Mumme is leaving today, so he was presented with 1st place arm power. He also set the world record for Men’s arm power, 600/200.


Shinsuke trying on Matt Weaver’s Cutting Edge on for size.


Danny doing his photoshop magic during a lull at timing.


John Jackstone and Larry Lem prepping John’s bike.


The two U of T bikes having been picking up some rough edges.



Hope to see both Mexican entries down the road by the end of the week.


and now the show and shine.





Calvin talks submarines with a student who had her own design for a shark based vehicle.


The Lem siblings seemed to have an affinity for Taurus.








Mike Mowett materialized this morning.