I spent a very pleasant chunk of my holiday Monday on a 100K ride out in the country with TBN. This is the first time that I’ve ventured further afield with the club. The ride started at Finch Station, where I see that they’ve installed this tool stand right by some bike lockers.


A very good turnout today.


and we’re off.


Headed north.


When I used to live in a suburb of Lansing, MI,  a ten minute bike ride from home would get me out into the country. Here, it took a 45 minute subway ride, and then at least an hour riding north before I felt that I had left the city behind.  This picture is about 30 km in, just as I’m being dropped by the fast people. If you look carefully, you can see a red jersey in the middle of the picture.


Unionville has a very charming downtown, and it was packed today.


The 100K riders were late arrivals at Jake’s on Main, so a number of us elected just to ride on to the finish. Also, this is what you get when you ask Joey to smile😉


I decided to take it easy on myself and take the subway home.


The ride itself took about 4:20. Compare that to just under 7 hours for the 100K Growling Beaver, and you can see just how difficult that ride was.  This included two brief stops. The moving average speed was just under 25 kph. I think I went out a little too hot by trying to keep up with the fast people, and I really ran out of gas for the last 10K.

If I extrapolate today’s pace, that would be a 7 hour century, which would be the fastest ever for me, so it doesn’t seem very realistic at this point.

I’m still trying to figure out where I stand in terms of the various types of rides that TBN runs. Right now it seems like I’m right between “Urban Roller” and “Tourist”.

Note to self: it is possible for it to be too warm for a wool jersey.



This is Victoria Day long weekend. Since it was so beautiful, we dragged the kids out for a ride down to the lake. Here Lucy and I are keeping an eye on the bikes ahead of us as we head down Ellis Ave.


Trapped on that small triangular island on the northwest corner of Ellis and Lakeshore. Sometime this summer, there will be a northbound bikes only crossing installed on the other side of the intersection, but eventually we want the right turn lane for cars taken out so that this intersection is safer for pedestrians and cyclists.


Selfie at the lake.


Lucy loves digging in the gravel.


Now headed home.


Daughter #1 puts on a fake smile for dad.


Waiting at another intersection that could be made safer.


Water break at the top of the hill/


Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!


The Ride of Silence is a worldwide bike ride that is held all over the world in memory of people who have been killed while riding their bikes. Today was the 7th such ride in Toronto. We had about 30 riders join us.

Here are the riders starting to gather at Bloor and Spadina.


Joey leads us east on Bloor.


Riding along Bloor.


At Bay.


and now down Yonge St.


Riding south by the Eaton’s Centre, just before making a turn onto Queen St.


At the Peace Garden in Nathan Phillips Square.


After we all arrived, a list of the deceased from mid 2010 was read out.

After a moment of silence to remember those who are no longer with us, Patrick Brown of Bike Law Canada said a few words about the need for vulnerable road user (VRU) legislation.  It had come out this past Monday that the driver who ran a red light and killed Eduoard Le Blanc had been assessed only a $700 fine.


Thanks to everyone that turned out tonight.

Updates to list from last year:

Date                Name
3-Nov-15          ?                                        HWY 27 near Woodbine Racetrack
29-Oct-15      Hardeep Singh Patra      Steeles and Albion
1-August-15  Luke Mazzocca                 Dufferin and Major Mackenzie
29-June-15   Marlene Moise                  Dufferin, north of Steeles
13-June-15    Adam Excell                       Davenport and Avenue
11-June-15    Peter Kang                          Finch Ave W at Tobermory
30-May-15    Roger duToit                      Roxborough St and Wrenham Pl

Also, two friends mentioned Galen Kuellmer, who died at Dupont and Dundas in 2004.

Picking up breakfast for the team in what is probably one of the most southerly Tim Horton’s.13178748_1032899963458877_8558546840635632030_n

Racers’ meeting.DSC08316


LeMans start.


‘Bama has the first bike out of the gate.


Rose Hulman.


Wisconsin getting groceries, and then having a mechanical.


Northern Ohio was steady at a pretty good pace, and ended up finishing third overall.


I think KSU ran the whole race.


Missouri S&T


I’m going to assume that Akron won the race since I didn’t see them take unscheduled stops, and they were fast. (Update: they did win the enduro, and also 1st place overall.  Congrats to them!)



HPVDT in spectator mode.




Andes doing a driver change.


SIU’s prone bike.


Passing in the slaloms.


Rose Hulman crushing it in the turns.


Red flag to end the race.


At the banquet, we were presented with our trophy for 3rd in design.


Hats off to the organizers, all the Ohio U, and the friendly people of Athens OH. We had a very good time, despite our lack of success on the track.


In the end, it was not possible to get Cyclone fully debugged. After our breakfast / team meeting, we went back to working on the bike in the hope that we would run in Sunday’s enduro. As the afternoon wore on, it became clear that we would not be able to fully cure all that ailed our drivetrain.


It was also raining, and unusually cold for this time of year (or so we were told).DSC08296

Part of the team gathered around a heat gun as if it was a campfire.


Finally, we got the bike to the point that Calvin could propel himself for short distances without the chain derailing.


With this accomplishment, along with the landing gear more or less working, we decided to call it a day, and just be spectators for tomorrow’s enduro. The team did an amazing amount over the past few days, and yet not quite enough.

Getting the headlights and taillights ready for a team photo.

The team photo. Tired but happy. BTW, we also found out that we placed 3rd in design.


Some hard lessons were learned, and the team is determined to get the bike ready before next year’s competition.

Thanks to all the parents that came all the way down to support the team! Sorry that we didn’t put on a very good show for you this year.


The bike team is in Athens Ohio, competing in the annual ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge. As is our custom, we arrived with a bike still under construction. However, it appears that this year, we were a little further behind than usual. Here is the bike being worked on before the safety test.


Ann and Calvin(2) working on a display model of our prototype regenerative braking.


Calvin and Sherry fine tuning the design presentation.


Sherry demonstrating some of the electronics. If you look carefully, you can see a left turn signal lit up on her phone dashboard display.


Rose Hulman drops by to say hi. Michael Moorehead, we miss you!


At any random time, a bout of wet sanding would break out.


Southern Illinois showed up with this prone bike. I think Graeme Obree’s record is still secure.


Wheels on the ground for the first time.


M S&T always has a nice bike with an awesome paint job.


New this year: a static test where you have to invert the bike and see if any parts of the driver touch the ground.


Cyclone passes with flying colours.

Screen Shot

M S&T upside down.


More static safety inspection.


Race fan Izzy showed up with this front drive modified Bike E. Apparently it has a separable frame and it can be suitcased.


Belt drive and a Schlumpf!


Unfortunately, we had continuing drivetrain gremlins, and were not able to pass safety on Friday.



Work continued until 3:30 am.


Still no joy.


Saturday dawns with pouring rain. Here is the racers’ meeting.


We had to DQ for the sprint event.


It was decided to take a break and get some breakfast before doing more work on the bike, in an attempt to run the enduro event on Sunday. The team could do with some sleep at this point.



Fortified with a hearty breakfast, we are preparing to chase down the final bugs in the bike. Wish us luck!

TBN spring kickoff

This year I’ll be spending some time riding with the Toronto Bicycling Network. Today was their annual spring kickoff event at Etienne Brule Park. Here we are being sorted into groups for the various rides that are about to start.


Here is the “tourist” group, about to take off for a 60 km ride to Streetsville.


and we’re off along the lakefront on a beautiful morning.


Ice cream stop at Streetsville.


Bye bye, Streetsville.


How many riders does it take to change a flat tire?


A very pleasant ride with good company. I’m going to have to start ramping up my weekend mileage because I’ll be riding in Seattle to Portland in July, and I’d prefer not to suffer too much.


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